20. Mar 2013.

The Project Awaiting the European Union: the Stabilisation of Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Relations in the Western Balkansis conducted by the Centre for Religious Studies of Belgrade Open School – CIRel/BOS (Belgrade, Serbia), in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Berlin, Germany), International Multi-religious Intercultural Centre – IMIC (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Nansen Dialogue Centre Osijek (Osijek, Croatia) and Nansen Dialogue Centre Montenegro (Podgorica, Montenegro) and in cooperation with Theological-catechetical institute of Diocese of Subotica (Subotica, Serbia). The implementation of the project has started in May 2009, and it will be finished in May 2011. This project is funded by the European Union.

The specific objective of this Action is to support and empower civil society network(s) in order to strengthen their participation in the process of promotion of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, as well as their mutual communication on local, in country, and regional level, both horizontally (institutions coming from various local communities) and vertically (local stakeholders – civil society organisations, local authorities, political parties, media, educational institutions).

During the next two years, CIRel/BOS is planing to realise, in cooperation with its partners, the following project activities:

  • Two Regional Schools;
  • Two Online Courses;
  • Two Trainings on Policy Paper Writing;
  • Two Regional Conferences;
  • Updating and promotion of the Web portal Faith-Knowledge-Peace (;
  • Preparation, publishing and distribution of the Collection of Essays.


Call for participants of the first regional school “Religions of the Balkans – Encounters and Intertwining”, which will be held in Sarajevo in October 2009, will be published in August 2009. The Regional School will last 7 days, and it will gather 30 participants from the entire region:  young civil society activists, members of religious communities, representatives of ethnic minorities, journalists, confessional teachers, political parties’ activists, local authorities, educators (including confessional teachers), etc. Schools’ lecturers will be the prominent members of clergy, university teachers, researchers, experienced peace building activists and other experts from the field of inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue and reconciliation. This call will be announced on this web site, don’t forget to visit it in second half of August!

Besides the organization of regional schools, BOS organizes for many years programmes and schools of distance learning. In this project, during September 2009, the call for participants of first online course “School of Tolerance: Ethnic and Religious Communities in the Promotion of Minority Rights” will be published. Online course will last 10 weeks and it will gather 30 participants from the entire region. The Introductory Meeting of participants – the opening session of online course, will be held in November 2009 in Belgrade. Please Visit our site during September.